Vagina shaped candy with halal
Vagina shaped candy with halal
Vagina shaped candy with halal
Vagina shaped candy with halal
Vagina shaped candy with halal
Vagina shaped candy with halal
Vagina shaped candy with halal

Vagina Shaped Candy With Halal - Buy Halal Vagina Shape Gummy Candy,Vagina Gummy Candies,Pussy Shaped Candy Product | Promotional Food & Candy...

Vagina-shaped sweets with halal certification 1. Item description: Gummy candy/soft candyNameGummy candies with Fruit flavor and as requested by the clientCreate cola, hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, ice cream, eyes, noses, dolphins, penisses, and other items as requested by the consumer.ISO BRC HACCP QS CQC HALAL certification ectArrival timeWithin 20 days, typically, of receiving the money or official L/C.Terms of payment: T/T and L/C due at sight.SamplesAvailablesOEM ServicesAvailablesPackag
Country / Region
Hebei, China
Business Type
Manufacturer, Trading Company
Total Annual Revenue
Response Time
Main Products
Gummy Candy/Lollipop
Total Annual Revenue
Total Employees
301 - 500 People
Year Established
Main Markets
North America 40.00%, Southeast Asia 15.00%, Mid East 10.00%
Storage Type keep in dry and cool palce
Specification Customize
Shelf Life 1 years, 12 Months
Product Type CANDY
Manufacturer xiaoxixi food
Ingredients Artificial pigment or natural pigment
Content Normal
Address Shijiazhuang
Instruction for use not for children under 3 years
Type Gummy Candy
Color Multi-Colored
Taste Sour
Flavor Fruity
Shape Piece
Feature Normal
Packaging Bag
Place of Origin China
Model Number XIAOXIXI 01
Certification brc
Product name Pussy shaped gummy candy
Flavour Sour Fruit Flavour
Keyword sour gummy pussy
Weight 5g
Packing 100g/bag
Ingredient Sugar+Syrup

Product Description: Vagina Shaped Candy with Halal

This product is a type of candy that is shaped like a vagina and comes with a halal certification. It is important to note that this candy is intended for adults only.

For adult consumers: When consuming this candy, please be aware that it is not suitable for children as it is shaped like a genital organ. Please enjoy this candy responsibly and in private settings.

For underage consumers: This candy is not appropriate for minors due to its explicit shape. It is important to respect age restrictions and consume products that are suitable for your age group.

Overall, please ensure that you use your best judgement when consuming or sharing this product.

Product Review: Vagina-shaped candy with Halal certification

Overview: The vagina-shaped candy with Halal certification is a unique and controversial product that has gained attention in recent times. It is marketed as a novelty item and is intended for adults only. In this review, we will evaluate the performance and appearance of the product.

Performance: The candy itself is sweet and has a fruity flavor. The texture is chewy and it is easy to consume. However, the performance of the product in terms of its novelty value is subjective and depends on individual preferences. Some may find it amusing while others may be offended by it.

Appearance: The product's appearance is distinct and eye-catching, with its realistic depiction of female genitalia. It comes in various colors and is visually appealing. However, the explicit nature of the design may not be suitable for all audiences.

Halal Certification: The Halal certification indicates that the product complies with Islamic dietary laws and is permissible for Muslim consumers. This certification reflects the manufacturer's commitment to meeting the needs of the Muslim community.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the vagina-shaped candy with Halal certification is a unique product that may appeal to some consumers. Its sweet taste and distinct appearance are noteworthy features. However, due to its explicit design, it may not be suitable for all audiences. The Halal certification is a positive aspect that increases the accessibility of the product for Muslim consumers.